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YH-3005D-II 4-Digit Variable Triple Outputs Linear-type DC Power Supply

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YH-3005D-II 4-Digit Variable Triple Outputs Linear-type DC Power Supply


- The 3005D-II power supply is a dual-channel/Triple Outputs DC power supply with continuously-adjustable current and voltage, a large-screen LED-backlit display, and built-in knobs to help operators eliminate hidden dangers resulting from faulty adjustment. Channel II independent operations feature automatic tracking in series or in parallel. The third fixed output features selection between 2.5V, 3.3V, and 5V. Stunning in appearance and outstanding in performance, the machine is suitable for technology product development and use in laboratories, teaching, and electronics production lines as well as in essential communications industry equipment.
- This unit has Independent Operations Mode, it means the machine have 2 groups 30V 5A output voltage and current.
- This unit has Series Tracking Mode,it means the machine max output voltage is 60V ,the max output current is 5A.
- It has Parallel Tracking Mode, it means the max output voltage value is 30V,the output current is 10A.
- The device has Fixed output, "SER" mode, can set fixed output, (the voltage fixed output value is 2.5V, 3.3V, 5V).
- It features 3 positive and negative output voltage and current values. The 3 outputs can work simultaneously.
- 4-digit display for accurate displaying of current values, precise to mA value,the machine is built with SMT manufacturing and the latest technology.
- CE Approved.


- Compact Design
- SMT Construction
- Dual LED 4 Digital Tube Display
- Independent Operations Mode(2X 30V 5A)/ Series Tracking Mode(60V 5A)/ Parallel Tracking Mode(30V 10A)
- A 2.5V/3.3V/5V Fixed Output Function
- High Stabilized Output Voltage
- Current-limiting Buck
- Short Circuit Protection
- Over Loading and Voltage Protection
- Overheating Protection
- Low noise
- CE Approved

- Model: 3005D-II
- Total power: 315W
- Operation conditions: Temperature 0~40°C    Relative humidity<80%  
- Storage conditions: Temperature -20~80°C   Relative humidity<80%  
- Operating method: CV/CC
- Protection methods: Current-limiting buck, short circuit protection, overheating protection
- Cooling method: Cool air
- Overall dimensions: L370×W250×H160mm
- Weight: 10.5 KG

Channel II Independent Mode
- Output Voltage : continuously adjustable between 0-30V
- Output Current : continuously adjustable between 0-5A
- Power Effect:  CV≤0.01%+1mV   CC≤0.2%+1mA
- Load Effect: - CV≤0.01%+5mV (I≤3A)    CC≤0.2%+5mA (I≤3A)
                       - CV≤0.01%+7mV (I>3A)     CC≤0.2%+10mA (I>3A)
- Ripple Noise (5Hz-1MHz) : - CV≤0.5mVrms (I≤3A)  CC≤3mArms (I≤3A)
                                            - CV≤1mVrms (I>3A)    CC≤5mArms (I>3A)  
- Voltage Accuracy:  ±0.5%rdg+2 characters
- Voltage Accuracy: ±0.5%rdg+2 characters
- Display Resolution: ±0.5%rdg+2 characters
Channel III Output Characteristics
- Rated Output Voltage : 2.5V/3.3V/5V±0.1
- Rated Output Current : 3A
- Power Effect: ≤1mV
- Load Effect: ≤10mV
- Ripple Noise(5Hz-1MHz): ≤1mVrms
Tracking Characteristics
- Characteristics Operating in Series
- Power Effect: ≤1mV
- Load Effect: ≤30mV
- Ripple Noise(5Hz-1MHz): ≤1mVrms
Characteristics Operating in Parallel
- Power Effect: ≤1mV
- Load Effect: ≤20mV
- Ripple Noise(5Hz-1MHz):
- CV≤0.5mVrms (I≤6A)  CV≤1mVrms (I>6A)
Safety Requirement

- HV Test: Leakage current ≤1mA (Test condition: input to ground of 1700VAC/2S)
- Insulation Test: Insulation resistance ≥100MΩ (Test condition: input to ground of 500VDC/5S)

Package Included:

- 1 x YH-3005D-II 4-Digit Variable Triple Outputs Linear-type DC Power Supply
- 1 x Manual

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