Zhaoxin Linear Adjustable DC power supply RXN-1520A 12V 20A

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Zhaoxin Linear Adjustable DC power supply RXN-1520A 15V 20A

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Linear Adjustable DC power supply RXN-1520A

RXN Series Linear DC Adjustable Power Supply(300W-900W) is a equipment with high stability, high reliability, low noise, its output voltage or current can be continuously adjusted, and its constant voltage and current can auto-conversion. This low cost and universal power supply can be used in many different areas, such as reliability test of electronic components, durable test of motor and drive, test of circuit boards and electricals, test of rechargeable battery, semiconductor aging, replacing the batteries.



Products Related to Auto/Products Related to Electron/Products Related to Computer/Research Institutions, Educational Institutions can use it like a research equipment.

Linear Adjustable DC power supply RXN-1520A

Input voltage : 220V AC ±10% 50Hz (also can be 110V AC±10% 50Hz if required) 
Voltage output : 0 - 15V
Current output : 0 - 20A
Operating temperature : -10C - 40C
Relative humidity < 90%
Storage temperature : -10C - 40C
Relative humidity < 80%
Constant voltage state :
Voltage stability : ≤0.01% + 2mV
Load stability : ≤0.01% + 2mV
Resume time : ≤100us
Ripple noise : ≤1mVRMS (RMS)
Temperture coefficient : ≤200PPM/C
Constant current state :
Current stability : ≤0.1% + 3mV
Load stability : ≤0.2% + 3mV
Ripple noise : ≤2mARMS
Voltage display accuracy : Three light-emitting diode : ±1%±1 unit
Pointer table : ±2.5%
Current display accuracy : Three light-emitting diode : ±1%±1 unit
Pointer table : ±2.5%
Weight : 7.68kg
Dimensions mm : 332×200×160



Single channel output
Front/behind output terminal
Internal radiator and electronic temperature control cooling fan
Digital or pointer meter shows the voltage and current values
Voltage/current adjust knob with rough and meticulous adjustable potentiometers can outputs constantly with high resolution (RXN-3020D, RXN-3030D)
A power supply of universal type with simplify function and high cost-effective
Current limiting protection and users can set the current limiting protecion point arbitrarily
Opposite polarity protection
Plastic panel of the equipment is modern, simple and beautiful

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