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2.5/3.5" Hard Disk Open Repair Tool HDD Platter Extractor+Head Replacement Comb

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2.5/3.5" Hard Disk Open Repair Tool HDD Platter Extractor+Head Replacement Comb


This tool is a modular multi component mode operation.
Firstly, Taking the safety of disc extraction, according to a disc number of repeat operation can be. During the operation, pay attention to the intensity of the control. Practice makes perfect, Experience is very important, more effective.
Secondly, the removal of the disc tray is arranged on the assembly, the base and the safety device will a safety disc tray stacking up, easy to engineer detection, investigation, maintenance, cleaning.

- This tool is most suitable for a variety of brands of hard disk model.
- Adaptation: 3.5" and 2.5 "hard disk, multiple (1-5 platter )disk drive.
- This tool Suite including one 2.5″ platter extractor, one 3.5″ platter extractor, one holder base and 5 platter holder.
- Hard Drive Platter Extractor: Hard Drive Platter Extractor is professionally designed to swap platters from 2.5″ and 3.5″ hard drives.
- Hard Drive Platter Holder: Hard Drive Platter Holder is used to put the platters safely, for supporting 2.5″ and 3.5″ hard drive platters.
- in a relatively stable opening machine operation and maintenance of hard disk, steady, balanced, reduce error and improve the success rate of data recovery.
- 3.5 inches and 2.5 inches of the platter holder can ease of "single platter" take in and assembly.Greater advantage is simple operation, solve the caused by an operator's operation rusty scratch, so that you fall in love with opening.
- the high-powered magnets and "pull", dedicated, let you of the hard disk "magnet on the shelf" for easy and safe operation

Package included:

1 pcs Platter Extractor for 2.5" hard drives
1 pcs Platter Extractor for 3.5" hard drives
1 pcs Platter holder base
5 pcs Platter holder
37 pcs Head Replacement Combs tools

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