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300W Oxygen Hydrogen Flame Generator Acrylic Polishing Machine 60A 1 Gas Torch

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300W Oxygen Hydrogen Flame Generator Acrylic Polishing Machine 60A 1 Gas Torch


Oxy-hydrogen generator is also called brown gas generator, Acrylic Polishing Machine, Water Welding Machine, or HHO gas generator, which is an integrated machine of utilizing the principle of electrolytic water to generate oxyhydrogen and ignite the mixed gas of oxyhydrogen to produce high temperature open fire. The surface of plexiglass gets melted meeting the fire then becomes smooth like polished. Hence, it is called the flame polishing machine. The precise and safe oxyhydrogen flame solves the difficulty of impossible polishing concave surface.

The small 60A 300W HHO gas flame generators are used for wide use, such as jewelry welding, acrylic polishing, and ampoule bottle sealing etc. to replace use of LPG or other gas for fuel.In jewelry industry, it is called “water welding machine” or “hydrogen & oxygen melting / welding machine”, while in organic glass industry, it is called “fire-Polishing Machine”. For welding, it featured low cost, welding fact, safety and low energy consumption.

High Energy Conversion Ratio: The HHO gas generator polishing welding machine has high performance and high energy conversion ratio on the technology of special electrolysis power supply for large current. Can continuously run long time (it is allowed to add water on the way)

Super Long Lifespan: The technology of special anode material on anti-corrosion and anti-electro oxidation. The cathode stainless steel in resistance of electrochemical corrosion; the high efficiency electrolysis gas, heat emission, integration, long lifespan electrolysis tank processing technology. (The lifespan of anode is designed for 25000 hours, if we calculate by 8 hours a day and 300 days of working each year, the using lifespan will be more than 10 years.)

Operation is Safe Absolutely: The technologies of pressure sealing on oxyhydrogen mixed gas less than 0.3PA, anti-explosion and entire machine safety. The oxyhydrogen mixed gas is very flammable and explosive gas hence it easily causes internal explosion. It is required to ensure human safety in all the unexpected situations. With the leading technology backfire-proof oxyhydrogen flame gun, exquisite and precise in full brass quality.

Easy Operation: The mechatronic auto control system utilizes digital indicative application for which it selects digital ammeter, stainless steel pressure gage of oil-injection quakeproof, and stainless steel diaphragm pressure controller.

Appearance Patent: It is beautiful and durable. The appearance made of not only the stainless steel but also a protective structure of welded square tube. The precise shell made and formed by CNC equipment. The Application No. of Appearance Patent: 201003061013.X

Energy Saving: Because the combustion of the oxyhydrogen gas generated by the electrolyte is the water vapour, and the oxyhydrogen gas has no toxicity and smell to human, and no harm to the environment too.


Package Included:
- 1 x Machine
- 1 x Flame Gun
- 1 x Plastic Funnel
- 1 x Flashback Arrestor
- 1 x Electrolyte Powder
- 1 x Manual

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