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4.5 x 2.3m Automatic Car Roof Cover Umbrella Sunshade Roof Tent UV Protection Silver

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4.5 x 2.3m Automatic Car Roof Cover Umbrella Sunshade Roof Tent UV Protection Silver

-Covering a large area, can block the leaves of trees, guano, dust, acid rain and so on.
-With folding function, when you do not have time to be incorporated, save space, while easy to carry.
-With a stable folding structure, the design of four support points, so that the roof more stability.
-Multi-function mobile canopy, can be used with the bracket, can be used as outdoor umbrellas, fishing umbrella and so on.
-Sunscreen effect is good, simple operation, temporary parking is also willing to use, practical, access to the car is very convenient, can be sitting in the car and others.
-A key to open / store,the new original automatic folding structure bar, remote control a key to open, a key to keep stretching freely, easy to operate elegant, easy to use Advanced wireless transmission technology, transmission distance up to 30m The entire opening process for 30s to complete the installation.
-Anti-theft design: anti-theft rope embedded steel wire, easy to cut Simple operation, as long as the anti-theft rope caught in the door, can play anti-theft effect.
-Double wind design, double wind design to protect the hood in the case of wind will not be damaged, can be resistant to 7 wind.
-In terms of energy saving, in order to better user experience, the canopy to join the power switch, so that life is more durable.
-All-round protection,In the mobile hood may touch the car where we use a soft rubber protection design, effectively prevent the skeleton scratch the car surface, each detail highlights our products carefully and carefully.
-With a strong suction cup, the use of imported rubber, strong suction, easy to fall off to ensure the stability of the use of the canopy in the process.
-Military grade plus hard glass fiber poles, the use of specially customized hardened military materials glass fiber rod, runway type design to make the material lighter while not reducing hardness, polyurethane material to ensure the toughness of the material, with strong wind resistance.

- Material: umbrella cloth
- Colour:Silver
- Size:Approx.
Expanded size: 4.5x2.3m/177.16x90.55''
Storage size: 200 x 200 x850mm/7.78x7.78x33.46''
-Applicable models: hatchback sedan luxury SUV
-Motor: 8-slot brush motor
-Rated motor power: 10W
-Working current: 1A
-Limit current: 3.5A
-Voltage: 12V
-Capacity: 2200mAh * 3
-Maximum power: 900N
-Battery system: 18850 lithium battery

Package Included:
1X Auto car tent
1X Automatic remote controller

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