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5.6 CU FT Full Keg Kegerator Beer Dispenser Beverage Fridge Bar Home Pub Tap

Price: $1,488.36
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5.6 CU FT Full Keg Kegerator Beer Dispenser Beverage Fridge Bar Home Pub Tap

- Polished black tower with chrome trim
- Stainless steel door,concealed door handle
- Electronic control,high cooling efficiency
- Convertible for refrigerator application
- Stylish stainless steel door and black cabinet
- Electronic control with LED display
- Removable drip tray to collect spills
- Holds most 1\2 and 1\4 kegs   
- Rolling casters can let you move the Kegorator to any place you want
- Application: Homebrew and Business: Home, Garden, Yard, Bar, Pub,Party,etc.
- Dimension(W*D*H): 23.6*26.8*33.5 inch; Top Shelf Height: 3.94 inch; Tower Height:13.8 inch
- Please note 0.5-1 inch difference is unavoidable due to manual measurement.
- Beer Barrel is not included

The use of specifications of beer kegs


Beer Keg





1/2 barrel

59 Liters

15.5 gals.

1984 oz.

164 / 12-oz. Glass

1/4 barrel

30 Liters

7.8 gals.

992 oz.

82 / 12-oz. Glass

1/6 barrel

20 Liters

5.2 gals.

661 oz.

55 / 12-oz. Glass

1/8 barrel

15 Liters

4.0 gals.

496 oz.

41 / 12-oz. Glass


Instruction Manual
1. Remove all packing materials before using the beer machine.

2. Put the beer machine in smooth, flat and strong place indoors.

3. Avoid the direct sunlight,and keep away from heat sources such as stoves,heaters, and radiators.

4. The hot air from the side wall of beer machine must be able to exclude unrestrictedly. Otherwise, the compressor must improve power to increase the power consumption.Therefore, the distance between the beer machine, wall and the surrounding furniture cannot be less than 4inches.

5. For the first starting, please leave the beer machine alone about 2~3 hours to plug in.Clean the chamber of the beer machine before the first operation (see the maintenance of beer machine ).
Please let the beer machine work 2-3 hours before putting the barrel beer into the beer machine.

Diagram of Overall Structure

Installation Guides
1. Install universal wheels
The lock braking guidelines of universal wheels with foot brakes

Install two universal wheel washer in front of the cabinet base, and then install two universal wheel of without foot brake. Two universal wheel with foot brake are installed directly behind the cabinet base. You can fix the cabinet by stepping on the universal
wheel foot brake

2. Install the beer tower assembly and the mixed ball valve
(1) Plug the beer tower assembly into the beer top cover to fix

A.3.0 inch: does not require tower buckle. Put beer tower directly at the surface hole of the beer machine roof. Fix the beer tower assembly with screws directly on the roof of the beer machine.

B.2.5 inch: need tower buckle. Put the beer tower at the surface hole of the beer machine with 60 degrees inclined, and rotate 60 degrees clockwise along the card slot. Make the wine faucet is against the front side of beer machine. Fix the beer tower with washers in the box.

(2)Take out the accessories of the mixed ball valve. Fix the beer outlet of the mixed ball valve with the transparent hose of the beer tower components.

3. Install CO₂ Gas Cylinder and CO₂ Regulator Valve   
(1) Fix two CO₂ tube card on the blue CO₂ soft tube:

(2) Relate the ends of blue CO₂ soft tube respectively to CO₂ intake port of mixed ball valve and round outlet of CO₂ regulator valve. Lock it firmly with the fixed card of two CO₂ channel on blue CO₂ soft tube(see Figure 7)

(3) Tighten the CO₂ regulator table valve with hex nut port with the gas outlet of CO₂ tank by the wrench.(see Figure 8)

(4) Place the CO₂ tank and CO₂ regulator valve component into the beer chassis and fix the CO₂ tank by CO₂ tank bracket and fixed bolt

4. Install beer barrels
Put the bottled beer into the box and make the barrel's hole connected to the beer kegs connection port of the mixed ball valve closely. (when placing the kegs: hold the handle of the barrels to remove them to the front of beer machine,and then highlight the lower part of the front of beer keg to put them in the box. Finally, lift the bucket handle of the keg to push them into the box entirely.)

5. Install wine handle and fix wine faucet
Screw the wine handle clockwise with the wine faucet tightly. Then connect the wine faucet with beer tower components, and tighten it by a wrench.

6. Install the upper cover guardrail and water box
Place the upper cover guardrail , water box on the top of top cover.




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