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A333 Manual Steel Strapping Tool No Buckle Packing Machine 850N Tension

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A333 Manual Steel Strapping Tool No Buckle Packing Machine 850N Tension


A333 Manual Steel Belt Packing Machine is to use the steel strip winding products or packages, and then press the button to tighten, tighten the belt redundant, close to make steel products or packages, and then both surfaces of the steel strip connected machine through the thermal effect of melting or the use of materials such as steel buckle. A333 manual buckle free steel strapping machine is the main role of the steel strip can be tied closely to the product or the surface of the package, to ensure that in the transport, storage is not a result of binding is not strong and scattered, but also have the product bundling trim function, avoid messy place, save storage space. A333 manual steel strapping tool is used for strap flat packages (i.e. pallets, bales, crates, cases, various packages). General specification and high tensile strength of the steel strip can be used. Because it is free of button connection, do not need to use the other steel buckle. The average tensile strength of the deduction is about 80% of the tensile strength of the steel strip, which is very reliable and can save about 10% of the total package cost.


- Non buckle design, no need to use other steel buckle, saving cost.
- Light volume, not subject to site restrictions, can be free to move.
- Hand tightening, make button, cut off, easy to operate.
- The light weight makes the machine easy to use, and external momentum is not needed.
- No fasteners, double power structure, can easily complete the fastening between the steel packing belts, and comes with high connection reliability.
- Large tightening force, special structural design of the machine can easily finish the tightening and the packaging of the steel, aluminum ingots, heavy packaging.
- The machine is very durable, and all the engine body and component use high strength alloy material. High reliability design, advanced technology manufacturing.


- Tensile Strengths Ranging: 700-850N/mm² / 100,000-123,000psi.
- Tool Length: 387mm / 15.2"
- Tool Windth: 162mm / 6.4"
- Tool Height: 308mm / 12.1"
- Tool Weight: 3.9kg / 8.6lbs
- Strapping Width: 13-16mm (1/2"-3/5")
- Strapping Thickness: 0.38-0.58mm (0.015"-0.023")
- Average Seal Strength: Approx.80%
- Weight: 3.9kg
- Banding 3/4" Steel Straps

Package Included:

- 1 × A333 Manual Steel Belt Packing Machine

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