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ADF5355 Signal Source Module Generator VCO Microwave Frequency Synthesizer

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ADF5355 Signal Source Module Generator VCO Microwave Frequency Synthesizer


- ADF5355 High frequency signal source colour screen module   
- ADF5355 PCB beautiful appearance
- Output frequency range:A+、A-output:250M-6.8G,B output (Double A frequency output)6.8G-13.6G;
-A output terminals output frequency resolution is 10Khz.
- Power supply method:5V power supply,it can be directly charged by USB.     
-Colour screen display,touch screen operation,you can achieve point frequency and sweep frequency (Note:Don't tear off the protective film on the display screen.Because the touch screen is resistance screen and scratching will causes the touch functions disabler )
- The module has save function and it can storage the setting parameters.
- Module actual measured waveform 500M,1Ghz,2Ghz,3Ghz,4Ghz,5Ghz,6Ghz,7Ghz,7.8G,
- Size: 9.8 x 6.6 x 2.0cm/3.8 x 2.5 x 0.7inch
- Weight:120g


- Wireless Infrastructure (W-CDMA,TD-SCDMA,WiMAX,GSM,PCS,DCS,DECT)
- Point to point/point to multi-point Microwave link
- Satellite/V-SAT
- Test equipment / instrument
- Clock generation

Chip description:

- ADF5355 combines with external loop filter and outer reference frequency to use.It can achieve decimal N frequency division or round number N frequency division phase-locked loops (PLL) frequency synthesizer.The microwave broadband VCO deign achieves 6.8 GHz~13.6 GHz working frequency allowed in a RF output.A series of frequency divider for other frequency output can achieve 54 MHz~6,800 MHz working frequency.
- ADF5355 has integrated VCO and the fundamental output frequency range is 3400 MHz~6800 MHz.In addition,VCO frequency can be conducted 1、2、4、8、16、32 or 64 frequency division.So the user can produce 54MHz RF output frequency.For the requiring isolation applications,RF output stage can be mute.The mute function can be controlled both through pins and software.
- All the on-chip register are controlled through simple three-linear interface.ADF5355 uses 3.15 V~3.45 V analog as well as digital power to work with 4.75 V~5.25 V charge pump and VCO power supply.Besides,ADF5355 has built-in hardware and software power saving mode.
- RF output frequency range:54 MHz~13,600 MHz decimal Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizer and round number N frequency division synthesizer
- High resolution 38 bits modulus
- The working frequency has rised up to 125 MHz Phase Frequency decetor (PFD)
- Reference frequency is up to 600 MHz
- Within −40°C~+85°C range maintain frequency locking.
- Low phase noise voltage controlled oscillator (VCO)
- Programmable 1/2/4/8/16/32/64 frequency division output
- Analog and digital power supply:3.3 V
- Charge pump and VCO power supply:5 V (typical value)
- Logical compatibility:1.8 V
- Programmable dual modulus prescaler:4/5 or 8/9
- Programmable output power      
- RF output mute function   
- Analog and digital locked detector

Package Included:
- 1 x ADF5355 module
- 1 x USB cable

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