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Automatic GARAGE DOOR OPENER Motor Electric Retractable Operator + Remotes 1000N

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Automatic GARAGE DOOR OPENER Motor Electric Retractable Operator + Remotes 1000N

Automatic Garage Gate Opener is the answer if you are looking for extra security and convenience for your home or business property. Featuring a powerful AC motor designed for heavy duty use, it is capable of moving gates with pulling and pushing force of 1000N! Using Advanced Technology, this garage gate opener is equipped with a soft & smooth opening/closing mode to accommodate your needs. Convenient installation and testing. A single connection of power cord will led you to pleasant starting of this gate opener.

NOTE: Gates not included.

Safety Instructions:
Please ensure that the power matches with the supply voltage of gate opener.
Kids are forbidden to touch the control devices.
Please ensure that no one is around the main engine or gate when the switch is operated and it is usually demanded to examine the stability of installation. Please temporarily stop using if the main engine needs repairing or regulation. Additionally, people with physical and mental defects are unfit for operating this product unless they are supervised by professionals.
The maintenance of the product must be conducted by professionals.

Please read user manual carefully before installing this product.
Ensure that the main engine and its components are of good mechanical properties, and the gate can operate flexibly before installing the main engine.
After installation, please check and test through mechanical property.

Convenient for installation and debugging, highly automatic.
Double-channelled and humanized designed remote controls, self lock of keys.
Sensitive operation. Remote control of more than 25m.
Automatic power check function. Will auto-read the running power and will stop if any obstacle occurs during rising and falling process.
Flexible starting and stopping.
Able to apply self-lock in case of power failure.

Mute operation, maintenance free and reliable.
Remote control capacity of 25~35 meters (50m in open area).
Soft and smooth start and stop. Auto memory of rang limit.
Goes back if meet with obstacles while closing and will stop while opening.
Electronic range limit; precise, reliable and easy to adjust.
Automatic power check function.
Able to apply self-lock in case of power failure.

Model: ZTGD1000
Pull and Push Force: 1000N
Rated Voltage: AC 220V
Motor Voltage: 24V DC
Motor Power: 200W max
Applicable Area: 15m² max
Rail Length: 3m (chain)
Operation Noise: <60DB
Running Speed: 120mm/s
Remote Control Code: Rolling code
Remote Frequency: 433.92MHZ
Remote Battery Voltage: 12V, 27A
Auto Lightning: Turns off after 3~5 minutes
Gross Weight: 15kg (33lbs)
Package Dimensions: 99*24*20cm (39"*9"*8")

Package included:
1 X ZTGD1000 Garage Gate Opener
2 X Remote Controls
1 X Set of Guide Rail (3m)
1 X Set of Installation Accessories
1 X User Manual

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