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AXON K-82 Mini ITE Hearing Aids Aid Adjustable Tone Sound Voice Amplifier 2pcs

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AXON K-82 Mini ITE Hearing Aids Aid Adjustable Tone Sound Voice Amplifier 2pcs

- Mini ITE Hearing aid
- Max Sound Output: ≥120 dB
- Max Sound Gain: ≥30 dB
- Harmonic Wave Distortion: ≤10%
- Frequency Range: 250~3800 Hz
- Input Noise: ≤50 dB
- Battery: AG3 Button battery (Included)
- Working Voltage: dc1.5V
- Working Current: ≤4mA
- Color: As the picture shows
- -Item Size: 2.2 x 1.9 x 1.4cm
- Package Size: 8.5 x 5.5 x 3.5cm
- Net Weight: 4g

Package included:
- 2 x K-82 Hearing aid
- 6 x Earplug (different sizes)
- 2 x User manual
- 2 x Box

1. How to wear the hearing aids?
You might think the voices are not real and clear enough for the first using. Because you Have become accustomed to the original hearing status. You would heard some unfamiliar voice for the first using because haven't adapt yet. The main way to solve this problem is make some necessary adaptive training, beginning time not too long, the volume is not too large, slowly adapt.

2. How to do the adaptive training?

Hearing aid adaptation training is not complicated, the general principle is to adhere to wear, step-by-step adapt:
(1) The daily wearing time should be from short to long;
(2) The volume adjusting should be from small to large;
(3) The communication environment should be from quiet to complex, from simple complexity.
So step by step adapt, in order to make you as soon as possible to through the adaptation period, and make the role of hearing aids to maximize.

3. Why you can hear the whistle voice when wearing the hearing aids?

Earplugs and ear contact area is strictly closed, the amplified sound is leaked from the cracks and returned to the microphone to enlarge to produce the whistle. This phenomenon is similar to our common howling that the microphone close to the speaker.
(1) The hand or an object close to the hearing aid, due to a part of the sound-reflecting in your palm or the object and returns to the microphone to further amplified.
(2) The hearing aid is not completely inserted into the ear canal or not tight seal with the ear canal wall, the amplified sound leaks and returns the microphone.
(3) A lot of earwax in the ear, due to the earwax embolism, the amplified sound reflections to the earwax again and to the microphone, can also generate a feedback.

4. How to avoid the whistle?

(1) Adjust the hearing aid volume knob to the "1" position, then inserted into the ear plugged as far as possible, adjust the volume to the most clear position.
(2) If the earplug cannot plug well, please change to the other suitable earplug plugged ears, do not leak air.

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