BeiQi CH8712 Electronic load Program-Controlled DC Load 300W

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BeiQi CH8712 Electronic load Program-Controlled DC Load 300W

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CH8711 Program-controlled DC Load Series can be widely used in on-line test and labs of power
 transformer, charger, switch power, storage battery industries, etc. The instruments of the series use PLED
 display coordinated with number keys and knob encoder, which makes the display clear and complete and the
 operation easy. Functions of the perfect constant voltage, current, power and resistance, long-distance
 measurement, short-circuit test, battery test, dynamic test and software control of upper unit help you enjoy the convenience.
 - Number operation and control
 - PLED display with high definition and high contrast, rich display information
 - Easy operation of knob encoder switch
 - Basic load function: constant current, voltage, power and resistance
 - Multi units used to multiple load ability
 - Short-circuit test
 - Battery test
 - Dynamic test
 -  Multi parameters measured in the list
 -  Remote voltage measurement
 -  Panel and exterior trigger function
 -  Protection function: over-voltage, over-current, over-power, over-heat, polarity connection in reverse
 - 10 sets of parameters memorized and loaded, and automatically loaded on turning on the instrument
 - Intelligent fan control
 - Key lock and knob lock functions
 - Min. start voltage, min. break voltage and automatic delayed break functions
 - Friendly multi-level menu setup, clear and convenient operation
 - RS232C communication interface and multi-unit communication function

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