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D58-4 5.8G Four Channel 500MW 12V Diversity Receiver

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D58-4 5.8G Four Channel 500MW 12V Diversity Receiver

- Features of D58-4 5.8G Four Channel Diversity Receiver:
- Four channel Receiver for best reception
- Four groups frequencies can be offered
- Automatic Antenna Switching
- Triple, buffered AV outputs
- Can receive 4 different channels at the same time
- Not affect by 2.4GHz R/C Radios
- AV Receiver with Diversity inputs
- Small, light weight,four channel,anodized aluminum case
Specifications of D58-4 5.8G Four Channel Diversity Receiver:
- Four groups frequencies can be offered:
CH1: 5865MHz CH2: 5845MHz CH3: 5825MHz CH4: 5805MHz
CH5: 5785MHz CH6: 5765MHz CH7: 5745MHz CH8: 5725MHz

CH1: 5733MHz CH2: 5752MHz CH3: 5771MHz CH4: 5790MHz
CH5: 5809MHz CH6: 5828MHz CH7: 5847MHz CH8: 5866MHz

CH1: 5705MHz CH2: 5685MHz CH3: 5665MHz CH4: 5645MHz
CH5: 5885MHz CH6: 5905MHz CH7: 5925MHz CH8: 5945MHz

CH1: 5720MHz CH2: 5740MHz CH3: 5760MHz CH4: 5780MHz
CH5: 5800MHz CH6: 5820MHz CH7: 5860MHz CH8: 5880MHz
Video Output: 75Ω/1Vp-p
Audio Output: 10KΩ/500mVp-p
Input Voltage: 8-12V/500mA
Package content:
- 1x D58-4  diversity receiver
- 4x 5.8G 2dbi antenna
- 1x power plug
- 4x Avout cable

How to Use:
To receive 4 different channels at the same time:
--Connect the antennas then connect the AV cables to: AV1,AV2,AV3,AV4, and then connect the 12V DC power adapter
--Switch on the power button, LED1,LED2,LED3,LED4 are on means the 4Ch RF are working. LED5, LED6, LED7, LED8 are all on and AV1, AV2, AV3, AV4 are then ready to work.LED8 is on when no signal.
--Select the channel: RX1 for RF1 and RX2 for F2, RX3 for RF3, RX4 for RF4, with different position of the number 1, 2, 3 names different channels from CH1 to CH8.
Operation for Diversity use
--Connect the AV cable to AV5, and connect the antennas, and then apply the power
--Switch on the power button
--Set RX1,RX2,RX3,RX4 to the same channel
--LED5 for RF1 and LED6 for RF2,LED7 for RF3,LED8 for RF4. The LED will be on when the strongest signal is confirmed. It will automatically switch to the receiver with the strongest signal

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