Dualsky XM6360DA-10-Competition 218KV Outrunner Brushless Motor for F3A aircraft

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Dualsky XM6360DA-10-Competition 218KV Outrunner Brushless Motor for F3A aircraft

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Dualsky XM6360DA-10-Competition 218KV Outrunner Brushless Motor for F3A aircraft
- New designed long shaft without buckle, specially for F3A aircraft.
-  Imported large size bearings.
-  The back cover without jbckscrew, combined with shaft by hot pressing. More stable, more balanced.
-  Rotor dynamic balancing. Precision assembled case, control the swing, while using dynamic balancer to detect and compensate.
- Improved air-gap and improved efficiency
- Tile-shaped magnets. Adopt the highest grade aluminum iron boron magnets.
-  0.2mm lamination.
- 220 centigrade degree high temperature wire
- Thicker enameled wire. 4-8 strands in parallel, improved insulation and impact resistance
- KV value optimized. Accurately calculate wire diameter, improve magnetic efficiency.
-  Weight decreased. XM6355DA weighs about 560g.
- There is bearing bracket in the back of motor, to further reduce vibration.
-  Supply dedicated motor mount (sold separately) to fix in the front of firewall.
-  New designed apprearance with Dualsky symbolic star.

- KV:  218RPM/V
- Stator Diameter:  53
- Magnet length:  30
- Shaft diameter:  37/M8
- Mounting holes pitch:  44/44
- Weight:  655g
- Resistance (Ri):  24mOhm
- Idle Current (Io) @10V:  1.4A
- No.of Cells (LiPo):  10
- Max. Efficiency Current:  50A
- Max. Cruising Power:  1800W
- Max. Burst Current (15s):  100A
- Max. Power (15s):  3600W
- Aerobatic Models:  9.0kg
- Extreme 3D Models:  6.0kg
- Recommended ESC:  XC9036HV
- Prop. Range:  20x13...22x12
- App. Class:  F3A plane

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