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E32-DTU-1W RS232 RS485 433MHz LoRa Long Range Wireless Data RF Transmitter Receiver

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E32-DTU-1W RS232 RS485 433MHz LoRa Long Range Wireless Data RF Transmitter Receiver


E32-DTU-1W is a high speed wireless data transfer unit (DTU) with RS232/RS485 interface, 8V~28V, operating at 410~441MHz (Default: 433MHz). It features LoRa spread spectrum. Transparent transmission is available.

This DTU adopts LORA spread spectrum technology, which means the transmitting distance is much longer than before. The advantages include more concentrated power density and better anti-interference performance.

It features FEC (Forward Error Correction) algorithm, which ensure its high coding efficiency & good correction performance. In the case of sudden interference, it can correct the interfered data packets proactively, so that the reliability & transmission range are improved correspondingly. But without FEC, those data packets can only be dropped.

The DTU has the function of data encryption & compression. The data transmitted over the air features randomness. And with the rigorous encryption & decryption, data interception becomes pointless. The function of data compression can decrease the transmission time & probability of being interference, while improving the reliability & transmission efficiency.


Package Included:

-1 x Wireless Data Transmitter

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