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Electric ULV Mosquito Insect Fogger DIY Pest Control for Yard or Small Farm

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Electric ULV Mosquito Insect Fogger DIY Pest Control for Yard or Small Farm

Design for the following area:
- Ideal for use use in the following types of applications: Pest Control, Flying insects, Odor Control, Disinfectants (including Mold Control), Humidty Control, and Sanitizer.
- Ideal for use around the home or in farm or small agricultural applications. It is capable of fogging acreage. Great for camping site and camping use.
- It will penetrate the hardest to reach points in your home, barn, yard, vegetable garden or poultry house.
- This type of fogger is ideal for use on domestic, commercial and public buildings, including: food processing establishments, shops, factories, shipping containers, offices, schools, storerooms, warehouses, hospitals, barracks.
- Some agricultural customers use these foggers for storage sheds, milking sheds, other high density animal production sheds, barns kennels and stables.

- ​240V heavy duty motorwhich is fast and effective for large yards and small acreage properties
- It effective against the following:
​- Mosquitos (Mozzies), Midges, Flies, Sand flies
- Aphids, Ants, Cabbage Moths and other Caterpillars
- Earwigs, Leafhoppers, Thrips and White flies
- Silver fish, moths, cockroaches, grain weevils, spiders, earwigs, beetles
- Other flying insects and Or other type mites and odor causing bacteria.

- Power: 220-240V 50Hz power
- Checical tank: 4L
- Spraying speed: 300ml/min
- Disperses fog 6m (direct spray distance)
- Droplet mist size adjustable up to 20um
- Rate: up to 300ml per minute
- Dimensions: 370 x 260 x 410mm

Mosquito Fogging Chemical:
It is recommend usingg natural Pyrethrum Chemical Concentrate. As it is non-residual safe and innovative water-based insecticide concentrate for the management of mosquitoes and certain nuisance insects.
This unit is very low consumption rates and therefore is very cost effective for mosquito control. A 1,000m2 block will require as little as 5ml of active chemical to be diluted with normal tap water.

Note: Chemical not included

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