ETCR5000 Leakage Current Tester Clamp Leaker 0.01mA

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ETCR5000 Leakage Current Tester Clamp Leaker 0.01mA ETCR5000 Leakage Current Tester Clamp Leaker 0.01mA

ETCR5000 Leakage Current Tester Clamp Leaker 0.01mA

ETCR5000 Leakage Current Tester Clamp Leaker 0.01mA

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  1. 11 years of specialized meters
  2. OEM services available
  3. ISO,Patent and CE certificate
  4. Measuring scope: 0.01mA~300.0A(50/60Hz)
  5. Accuracy: 0.01mA
  6. Clamp mouth:  φ40mm
  7. adopting CT and digital integration technology
  8. Power supply: DC3V Button-type battery LR-44*2 or SR-44*2
  9. LCD display
  10. Data Storage:99 groups

. Brief Introduction

ETCR5000 High Accuracy Clamp Leaker is specially designed for measurement of AC leakage current; by adopting up-to-date CT technology and digital integration technology, it is a product with relatively small size, high accuracy and perfect function compared with similar leakers in the world. The leaker could be widely applied in those fields as electricity, communications, meteorology, railroad, oilfield, construction, measurement, scientific & research teaching institutes, industrial and mining establishments. Clamp core of ETCR5000 High Accuracy Clamp Leaker adopts special alloy; in addition, with utilization of magnetic shielding technology, it is basically free from influences of external magnetic field so as to ensure high precision, high stability and high reliability of perennial continuous measurement.

ETCR5000 High Accuracy Clamp Leaker could be used for AC Line current measurement and on-line current measurement with voltage lower than AC600V; it also have those functions as peaking holding, data holding and data storage; with convenient use, it is an essential tool for electrician safety testing.


Measuring scope





below 23±1,70%RH

0.00mA~9.99mA:  ±1.2%±5dgt     10.0mA~300.0mA: ±1.5%±5dgt

0.00A~9.99A:    ±1.2%±5dgt       10.0A~99.9A:    ±1.5%±5dgt

100.0A~199.9A:  ±2%±5dgt         200.0A~300.0A:  ±4%±5dgt

Measuring range

30mA/300mA,30A/300A,second-range manual switch,automatic switch in all ranges    

Clamp mouth


Power supply

DC3V Button-type battery LR-44×2 or SR-44×2

Test mode

Clip-on CT,integral mode

 Display mode

Four Bits LCD display


Width × Height× Thickness;


LCD mimension

35mm×21.5mmdisplay domain;32mm×15mm

Line voltage

Line test under AC600V

Sampling rate

about 2 times/s

Data storage

60 groups, FU symbol flickering means storage is full

Peak holding

Peak value capture and holding function, press HOLD button continually to show peak value in the course of testing.

Data holding

Data holding function;displayed by DH symbol

  Overflow display

Outrange overflow display;displayed by OL symbol

Automatic shutdown

After starting up the leaker for 5 minutes, it will shut down automatically to reduce battery consumption.

Battery voltage

When battery voltage reduced to 2.5V~2.7V, battery low voltage symbol will filker to remind replacing battery; at this time, measurement accuracy will decrease.

Leaker quality

About 120gwith battery

Working temperature and humidity

-0~40below 80%rh

Storage temperature and humidity

-10~60below 70%rh

Insulation strength

AC2kV/rms (between core and box)

Rating power

About 5mW

Applicable safety rules

IEC1010-1IEC1010-2-032pollution, etc 2CAT (600V)


Clamp tester: 1pcs, Box: 1pcs, Rope chain:1pcs

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