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IKOS Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter APP Vice SIM Card for Apple iPhone Dual Card Dual Standby

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IKOS Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter APP Vice SIM Card for Apple iPhone Dual Card Dual Standby

SIM card equipment is a new type product combined with MODEM via Bluetooth, fit for the Apple devices with IOS App SIM card, to realize the function of voice calls and text messages, and especially allows users to use a mobile phone to realize double card double stay function.

1---The switch machine button: long press for 5 seconds to turn it on, long press for 3 seconds to turn it off
2---The camera button: take key, click on the photograph
3---SIM card slot, Nano SIM card(SIM insert down)
4---Micro USB charging hole

The APP software functional requirements:
1. The Bluetooth version of the iOS device is 4.0 (the iPhone 4s +) ,and the iOS version of iOS7.1 +
2. Support unicom/mobile GSM network, only support calls and text messages, does not support data function
3. Support calls and SMS cloud service functions, namely: the product is disconnected from the phone , through a cloud service calls and text messages are pushed to the  APP client, to prevent drop calls and information.

Note: the cloud services need to use the SIM card data traffic!

4. Support for multiple languages (tentative: in Chinese and English)
5. Support the user device via a Bluetooth connection to remind function (App successfully connected, pop-up window within the App shows successful connection)
6. Have lost alarm function, when the product is lost, by mobile phone disconnected for the last time and product when the position of the mobile phone can quickly find the product (this feature requires open mobile location services)
7. Support reading phone original address book function, and address book synchronization function
8. Support phone number display equipment, telecommunications operator name and equipment power function

Hardware Function:
1. Through the connection to the iOS APP,( iOS7.1 system or above)
2. BT Bluetooth module, signal transmission distance for 10 meters, support Class I standard more than 450 Mah capacity of the battery, in order to support more than 4 hours and 48 hours standby mobile phones loss prevention function, distance, buzzer continued to whine, continuous chirp can be key to eliminate the noise
5. support for mobile phone functions, the realization of buttons on the equipment after the phone app to ring the bell
6. plug the device: SIM card types: MICRO SIM card
    USB port types: MICRO USB

The MODEM Performance Indicators:
1. the types of network: the GSM
2. network band: GSM850MHz EGSM900MHz/DCS1800MHz/PCS1900MHz global spectrum

Product Instructions:
1. First, open the Bluetooth function of the IOS device
2. Please search the APP “IKOS” in the APP Store, and download to install
3. Press the product side keys for 4 seconds long, red and green light is flashing into pairing mode
4. Enter the IKOS APP - > Settings - > device in the search to find IKOS (Note: Pairing in IKOS APP, Instead of pairing in iOS devices with Bluetooth!)
5. Click on the equipment as well as displaying the connected device after red light, green light flashing, such as green light flashing a 6 seconds, or on behalf of the GSM registered the Internet can be used normally, answering the phone call, the short message to send and receive functions.

Warm warnings:
1. This product is not compatible with Japan and Korea.
2. There are 2 versions for this product, US version and non-US version, we determine which version to ship by addressed country, please contact us if required version does not match.

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