Kontronik Heli Jive 120+ HV Brushless ESC Electric Speed Controller 16-50V 120A

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Kontronik Heli Jive 120+ HV Brushless ESC Electric Speed Controller 16-50V 120A

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Kontronik Heli Jive 120+ HV Brushless ESC 16-50V 120A
- Update for the Kontronik HeliJive120: Running the HELI JIVE in mode 8 (external governor) together with the current version of Mikado VBAR may cause problems in certain constellations. Currently, KONTRONIK as well as Mikado are working on a solution for this issue. All other modes such as mode 4 (governor) and all other implemented features like autorotation bail out can be used with no problems. 

- The JIVE follows a concept that will convince you. Its functionality exceeds all you have ever heard about ESCs.
- Noticeable is the huge cooling plate. It is perfectly connected with the power parts, provides good heat transfer and enables additional cooling to be realized. It is possible to raise the performance enormously by installing an additional air or water cooler system. The naming 120+ means: minimum 120 A. With a good extra cooler it is possible to increase to double power.

- Cell count: 5-12 Lipos
- Operating voltage: 16-50V
- Continuous Current: 120A
- Max Current: without external cooling - 120A. With external cooling device such as a heatsink, the continuous discharge current can be greatly increased.
- Max RPM with 2-pole-motor: be defined...
- Size: 62x32x21mm
- Weight with cables: 140g
- Cable cross-section: 4/6mm²
- BEC current continuous: 5A
- BEC current max.: 15A
- BEC voltage: 5.5V

- Bail-Out
- Manual throttle mode
- Option to run the ESC on an external flybarless system
- BEC adjustable with ProgCARD/ProgDISC: 5-6V
- BEC short circuit protection
- Auto Programming Mode
- Stick positions programmable
- Mode programming
- ProgCARD ability
- RPM Control
- EMK brake can be disabled
- EMK brake adjustable (for F3A)
- Short circuit protection
- False start protection
- Current limiting
- Over-temperature protection
- Under-voltage cutoff
- Under-voltage can be disabled
- Under-voltage with automatic adjustment for NiCd / NiMH / Li-Ion / LiPo
- Variable cutoff voltage / cell
- Slow down instead of cutoff
- Active freewheeling circuit
- LED status display
- Overload alarm
- PWM frequency 8-32kHz
- Total copper thickness 630µm
- Reversible rotation direction

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