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LCD Computer Double Coaxial Wire Peeling Stripping Cutting Machine SWT508-TZ Hot

Price: $1,665.41
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LCD Computer Double Coaxial Wire Peeling Stripping Cutting Machine SWT508-TZ Hot

Mechanical and electrical. Microcomputer integrated automatic computer stripping machine is a kind of introduction from Japan, Taiwan and other advanced technology, fully automated CNC equipment. Widely used in electronic industry, automobile and motorcycle industry, electrical appliances, motors, lamps, toys and other types of wire processing. Appropriate stripping wire PVC / Teflon / silicone wire / glass fiber and so on. This product uses the LCD screen dialogue mode, with beautiful appearance, simple operation, maintenance, stable performance, speed, high accuracy and other main features of. The cable length can be set free to modify, peeling the different thickness of the wire, cable, sheathed cable, power cord and casing shear function, according to customer requirements.

Product Type: SWT508-TZ stripping double coaxial wire / sheath line
Power Supply: AC 110/220V / 50/60Hz
Dimensions: 420x390x280
Display: in English and Chinese LCD display interface
Weight: 32 (KG)
Power: 300 (W)
Cutting length :1-15000mm
Cutting Tolerance: (0.2 ± 0.002 × L) mm.
Cut error: can be amended
Stripped length: thread 0-50, line end 0-50mm
The middle of stripping the cut: thirteen stripping
Cutting line core cross section: 0.1-6mm2 (AWG12 #-AWG32 #)
Catheter maximum diameter: ¢ 10
Appropriate stripping Wire: PVC / Teflon / silicone cable / wire glass fiber
Blade Material: hard tungsten steel (imported white steel optional)
Stripping rate (/ h): L = 100mm, 2000-4000pcs / h
Drive mode: four-wheel drive

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