LM3886TF LM3886 Amplifier AMP+Rectifier Filter Kit

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LM3886TF LM3886 Amplifier AMP+Rectifier Filter Kit

LM3886TF LM3886 Amplifier AMP+Rectifier Filter Kit

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LM3886TF LM3886 Amplifier AMP+Rectifier Filter Kit

- National Semiconductor LM3886 is (NS) company produced a single-channel, high-performance audio power amplifier IC, the maximum continuous output power up to 60W, from the introduction to the present, has been loved by the majority of audio enthusiasts.
- The use of the power amplifier and power amplifier board split plate design, a board per channel amplifier section, each containing a piece of board and two mono power amplifier board, power amplifier boards can be used in parallel. All the components on the board were carefully selected, the filter using four small 10000U/50V NOVER AUDIO gold capacitor. 35A high current bridge rectifier, amplifier board for a long time to meet the full load of work. Resistor with 1% copper foot all metal film resistors. Other capacitor selection of WIMA, Philips, Nichicon, NC manufacturers such as well-known brands, LM3886TF National Semiconductor is the genuine original. Blue board using double-sided circuit boards, wiring and reasonable, nice.
- Power supply board dimensions: length 109mm / width 71mm / high 38mm (capacitor top to the bottom of the board, not including the component pin)
- power amplifier board Dimensions: Length 61mm / width 37mm
- recommend power supply transformer: AC dual 20-28V, 200W

Package include:
- power supply finished board x1
- instruction(not schematic)x1

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