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Mini SPA Paraffin Wax Warmer Heater Machine Temperature Control Kerotherapy Depilatory Blue

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Mini SPA Paraffin Wax Warmer Heater Machine Temperature Control Kerotherapy Depilatory Blue

Paraffin Wax Therapy / Kerotherapy:
- It is a therapy method to put hot wax on the treatment area or immerse treatment area  in the wax liquid.
- Wax has feature of large heat capacity, low thermal conductivity, can prevent heat  conduction; Slow cooling, gas and water are not easy to disappear.During kerotherapy,  the holding time can be more than one hour. Wax has plasticity, can close to the skin  surface, may also add some other drugs to do treatment.Also effective components of  wax can promote wound epithelial regeneration.

Wax Therapy Beauty:

- Beauty wax is to add many animal and plant nutrients into the paraffin wax,leading to  soften skin cutin layer,and then through the heat conduction to permeate to deep skin  to supply all kinds of nutrients and water, promote cell update, firming and remove  wrinkles, restore skin elasticity, high fully thin wax lipid membrane on the skin  surface also have the effect of isolation and barrier to external contamination.


- Kerotherapy has a good treatment effect for soft tissue injury, scar adhesion,  fracture healing, lumbar disc disease, arthritis and other diseases.
- Paraffin Theray can beauty:hands,feet,face,body
- Rapidly melting paraffin wax and having automatic constant temperate system.
- Uses the high temperature resistant aluminum alloy material, service life is longer.
- Comes with a heat insulation board for no worry about skin burns.
- Ideal Switch:Simple design and more environmentally friendly,operation is simple.
- "0" as the closed status,"1"as the open status(temparature has been debugged into the  best temparature)
- Suitable for both beauty salon use and personal home use.
- Practical and portable design, easy to operate.
- Item type: Paraffin Wax Heater
- Outter Material: ABS
- Inner Pot Material: Aluminum
- Voltage: 110V/220V
- Item Dimension: Approx.36x24x16cm
- Inner Pot Dimension:Approx.24x17.5x9cm
- Heating temperature: 60-70 degree
- Volume: 3000ml(5LB)
- Color: Blue
Using Steps:
- Plugged in, put the paraffin in the instrument (whole or cut piece are both ok.
- Turn on the switch, began to heat, about 90 minutes, the paraffin wax melting  into  liquid.
- Wash your hands, ready to do hand wax(same step to do feet wax).
- Put your hand into liquid wax for 5 seconds, repeated 5 times.
- Hands have been covered wax, stay in the air for 30 seconds to be solid state.
- Wear disposable gloves.
- Wear cotton gloves (based on disposable gloves) for 30 minutes to let the hands  fully absorbed.
- Take off the gloves,the wax can continue to use after peeling from the disposable  gloves.
- Finished.
Packages Included:
- 1x Paraffin Bath Machine
- 1x User Guide

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