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OpenMV3 Cam M7 Smart Camera Image Processing Color Recognition Visual Inspection

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OpenMV3 Cam M7 Smart Camera Image Processing Color Recognition Visual Inspection


Model: OpenMV3 M7
Focal Lens: 2.8 mm
Supported Image Format: Grayscale/RGB565/JPEG
Size(L*W*H): 45 x 36 x 30 mm
Storage Temperature: -40℃~125℃
Operating Temperature: -20℃~70℃
ARM® 32-bit Cortex®-M7 CPU w/ Double Precision FPU 216 MHz (462 DMIPS)
Core Mark Score: 1082
(compare w/ Raspberry Pi Zero: 2060)
RAM Layout:
128KB .DATA/.BSS/Heap/Stack 384KB
Frame Buffer/Stack (512KB Total)
Flash Layout:
32KB Bootloader 96KB Embedded Flash Drive
1920KB Firmware (2MB Total)
Maximum Supported Pixels:
Grayscale: 640x480 and under
RGB565: 320x240 and under
Grayscale JPEG: 640x480 and under
RGB565 JPEG: 640x480 and under
Lens Information:
Focal Length: 2.8mm
Aperture: F2.0
Format: 1/3"
Angle (Field-of-View): 115°
Mount: M12*0.5
IR Cut Filter 650nm (removable)
Electrical Information:
All pins are 5V tolerant with 3.3V output. All pins can sink or source up to 25mA. P6 is not 5V tolerant in ADC or DAC mode. Up to 120mA may be sinked or sourced in total between all pins. VIN may be between 3.6V and 5V. Do not draw more than 250mA from your OpenMV Cam's 3.3V rail.
●Frame Differencing
●Color Tracking
●Marker Tracking
●Face Detection
●Eye Tracking
●Optical Flow
●QR Code Detection/Decoding
●Data Matrix Detection/Decoding
●Linear Barcode Decoding
●Apriltag Tracking
●Line Detection
●Template Matching
●Image Capture
●Video Recording
A 12-bit ADC and a 12-bit DAC.
3 Pcs I/O pins are used for steering control.
A RGB LED (trichrome), two bright 850nm IR LED (infrared).
All IO ports can be used, interrupts and PWM (10 I/O pins on the board).
STM32F765VI ARM Cortex M7 processor,216 MHz, 512KB RAM,2 MB flash.All I/O pins output 3.3V and 5V compatibility.
A I2C bus, a CAN bus, and an asynchronous serial port bus (TX/RX), which are used to link other controllers or sensors.
Full speed USB (12Mbs) interface, connected to the computer. When the OpenMV camera is inserted, your computer will have a virtual COM port and a "U disk".
The μSD card slot has 100Mbs reading and writing, which allows your OpenMV camera to record video and extract the machine vision material from the SD card.
A SPI bus is up to 54Mbs speed, allowing you to simply pass image stream data to the LCD extension board, the WiFi extension board, or the other controllers.
The OV7725 photoreceptor can handle 640x480 8-bit grayscale or 320x240 16-bit RGB565 color images at 80 FPS. Your OpenMV camera has a 2.8mm focal lens on a standard M12 lens base. If you want to use more customized lenses, you can easily install it.
Package Included:

1 x OpenMV3 M7 Board
1 x Expansion Board
1 x Data Line

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