Owon MSO8102T Portable OSCILLOSCOPE 100MHz MSO8102T Logic Analyzer 1G

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Owon MSO8102T Portable OSCILLOSCOPE 100MHz Logic Analyzer 1G Owon MSO8102T Portable OSCILLOSCOPE 100MHz Logic Analyzer 1G

Owon MSO8102T Portable OSCILLOSCOPE 100MHz Logic Analyzer 1G Owon MSO8102T Portable OSCILLOSCOPE 100MHz Logic Analyzer 1G

Owon MSO8102T Portable OSCILLOSCOPE 100MHz Logic Analyzer 1G Owon MSO8102T Portable OSCILLOSCOPE 100MHz Logic Analyzer 1G

Owon MSO8102T Portable OSCILLOSCOPE 100MHz Logic Analyzer 1G Owon MSO8102T Portable OSCILLOSCOPE 100MHz Logic Analyzer 1G

Owon MSO8102T Portable OSCILLOSCOPE 100MHz Logic Analyzer 1G

Owon MSO8102T Portable OSCILLOSCOPE 100MHz Logic Analyzer 1G

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Main Features:
 Autoscale function
 FFT function
 Support both DSO and LA
 25MHz~100MHz Bandwidth, up to 500MS/s real  time sample rate
 16 optional logic input channels
 Max 6000 points record length for each channel
 Dual channels + External trigger + Logic Analyzer
 8 inch color LCD display for large view
 Support USB data transmission,display by real-time
 Advanced trigger functions: Edge trigger, Bus
 trigger, Pattern trigger,Sequential queue trigger,
 Distributed queue trigger and Data width trigger.
 USB Flash Disk Storage
 Oscilloscope Specification
 Model Name  MSO5022S  MSO8102T
 Bandwidth  25MHz  100MHz
 Sample Rate(Real time)  100MS/s  1GS/s
 (2GS/s for single channel)
 Rise time  ≤14ns  ≤3.5ns
 Display  7.8'' color STN LCD,
 640×480 pixels
 8'' color TFTLCD
 640×480 pixels
 Channel  2+1(External)
 Horizontal scale (s/div)  5ns/div-5s/div step by 1-2.5-5  2ns/div~100s/div,step by 1~2~5
 DC accuracy(Average)  Average>16:±(3%reading+0.05div) for △V
 Vertical Sensitivity  5mV/div -5V/div  2mV/div -10V/div
 DC Gain Accuracy  ±3%
 Vertical resolution (A/D)  8 bits resolution (2CH simultaneously)
 Interpolation  (sin x)/x
 Max. Input Voltage  300V (DC + AC PK-PK)  400V(DC + AC Peak)
 Input impedance  1MΩ±2% in parallel with 20pF±5pF 
 Probe attenuation
 Trigger Mode  Edge, Video, Alternate
 Acquisition mode  Normal, Peak Detect, Average
 Record length  Max.6000 points on each channel
 Waveform storage  4 waveforms
 Automatic Measurement  Vpp,Vavg,RMS,Frequency,Period,Vmax,Vmin,Vtop,Vbase,Width,Overshoot
 ,Preshoot,Risetime,Falltime,+Width,-Width,+Duty,-Duty, Delay A→B
 Delay A→B
 Waveform math  +, -, FFT 
 Power supply  100-240V ACRMS,50Hz/60Hz,CATⅡ
 Bandwidth  25MHz  100MHz
 ±3 degrees
 Communication interface  USB
 Fuse  1A, T grade, 250V
 Logic Analyzer specification
 Model Name  MSO8102T
 Sample rate (real time)  20S/s~100MS/s  20S/s~400MS/s
 Bandwidth  33MHz  66MHz
 Channels  16
 Record length  4M/channel
 Input impedance  1MΩ±2%
 Trigger mode  Edge trigger, Bus trigger, State trigger, Data alignment trigger, Data  width  trigger,Distributed queue trigger
 Trigger position setting  Pre-trigger, mid-trigger, re-trigger
 Threshold Voltage  ±10V(4 settings)
 Input Signal Range  ±15V
 Data search  Available
 Data System  Binary system, Decimal system, Hex
 Digital filter  0,1,2 optional
 Setting storage  10 settings
 USB flash disk storage  Available



Current electronic products have become more complicated as the number of digital circuits and USB applications have increased.  As a result, the cutting edge of measurement technology 
has become vague and it is now difficult to choose a suitable testing instrument.  Test signals are often mixed analog and digital signals, and engineers would like to have an instrument that can 
test both analog and digital signals. Our MSO series was launched to meet these demands.
----MSO series Mixed LA-oscilloscope    
     The MSO series combines digital storage oscilloscope & logic analyzer functions with powerful features and remarkable performance.  Our MSO series enables powerful analysis of both analog
and digital signals from a single cost effective test instrument.
Advantages :
Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Up to 100Mhz bandwidth, up to 500MS/s Sample rate (Real-time)
Dual Channels
Max. Storage 6000 points each channel
Adjustable trigger sensitivity
Advanced trigger functions: Edge trigger, Video trigger and Alternate trigger, Mains supply trigger.

Logic Analyzer:
20S/s~400MS/s Sample rate (step by 1-2-5)
16 optional logic input channels
Max. 4M record length for each channel
Threshold Level setting (0~4V)
4 BUS setting
Random trigger position setting
Digital filter function
Flexible data searching methods
Various advanced trigger functions
Support USB data transmission and U-storage.
2 in 1 Test and Measurement Instrument
Digital storage oscilloscopes are familiar to most engineers as an effective tool for analog circuit analysis.  The OWON Mixed–Signal Oscilloscope (MSO) is different from other test instruments because customers can obtain the benefits of a very capable oscilloscope and Logical analyzer in a single portable signal test instrument. By integrating analog and digital measurement technology
, users can view, trigger and analyze two types of signals on one instrument. 
Powerful Test and Measuring Functions
OWON MSO's have powerful test and analysis functions, which include Multi-trigger functions, Bus setting, Threshold Level adjustment setting, Data searching, Digital filter, Save and recall trigger setting, Auto bus measuring, Cursor measuring, Pre-trigger setting, Code Setting, USB storage, and more.  The OWON MSO series has functions written specifically for TTL and CMOS logic families. This allows it to analyze the most common digital circuits fast which saves R&D time.
Capture and Analysis of Signal Glitches
The time sequence waveform generated in a digital circuit is commonly disrupted by glitches.  A single purpose logic analyzer can not measure the shape of a glitch but only analyze high and low levels. Thus, an engineer needs an oscilloscope in addition to a logic analyzer to accurately identify
and remove glitches.
Complementary Functions Improve the Measurement Accuracy
Waveforms from a logical analyzer are obtained by comparison between a test signal and threshold level.  An incorrect threshold level would lead to confusion for the entire test sequence.  The OWON MSO can help the user understand the time sequence information exactly so that the threshold Level can be set correctly.
Intuitive Controls
The control panel of the MSO5022 and MSO7102 use OWON's standard layout which is familiar to many users, so current users can save time and intuitively learn the functions of this new product. 
Widespread Education Tool
With our competitive pricing of the MSO5022 and MSO7102, they can be widely used in schools
and institutions for electronics education including digital circuit analysis. This was the case for
our low cost oscilloscopes.
Many Uses for Logic Analyzer

1.To test multi-signal at the same time
2.To test digital signal same as hardware test
3.To trigger the high and low level models on several wires at the same time and examine the results
4. To trace the execution of software in the system timely.

1. Electronic circuits, communication, optoelectronics, etc.
2. R&D, design, and debugging of digital circuits.
3. Education and training in the field of digital circuits and signals.
Digital real-time sampling technology
With advanced digital sampling technology,users can detect and debug signals from two channels simultaneously. Real-time sampling allows for the capture of unrepeatable signals such as glitches,
complex edge details, or other high frequency signal components.  This allows engineers to identify
and control many obscure signal changes.


High Precision Sampling Technology
The MSO series utilizes very precise sampling technology to simultaneously collect 16 test signals.  The user is in control of the graphical display of each signal so that an engineer can easily analyze signals of interest.

Excellent Trigger Functions:
Strong trigger functions enable a user to detect time sequences reliability and accurately by many 
methods.  As a tool of logic analysis, trigger function performance decides the practicality of the
instrument.The MSO series incorporates many trigger functions including Edge trigger, Bus trigger
,Pattern trigger, Sequential queue trigger,Distributed queue trigger,and Data width trigger.
Flexible Setting of Trigger Position
An unexpected event or bug in a digital circuit often happens at a certain moment,and the analysis
should be based on signal changes before and after that moment. Since,the trigger points for the
MSO5022 and MSO7102 are adjustable, an engineer is able to observe the time sequence before
and after the triggered event and point-analyze the specific data queue timely and effectively.
Bus Functions Help Analyze Time Sequences Quickly and Effectively
To analyze logical  time sequences, signals are often collected from many channels which results
in too many data channels being shown on the screen.This makes the data very hard to analyze. 
For example,an address bus or data bus is composed of multidigit data,and choosing some of the
channels as one independent bus significantly reduces the number of channels viewed together. 
The OWON MSO series allows the user 4 bus groups to organize the 16 logic input channels.
Threshold Setting
The threshold signal as a standard for the high and low level of a digital signal can determine the
accuracy of a whole measurement.  Our MSO series offers threshold settings ranging from 0 to 4V and includes many independent threshold settings to meet many particular testing conditions.
Search Data Quickly
Trigger position and the analysis of a certain pattern are the keys to debugging logical circuits,and
how to lock the trigger position quickly or search the expected bus patterns are the foundations
of improving debugging efficiency. Our MSO series supplies search modes such as trigger position,
bus pattern, and state settings to locate the time sequences quickly and exactly.
Digital filter
The random of noise or glitch in the digital circuit can effect  the analysis of the whole waveform or change the  time sequence result. Our digital  filter function is able to inhibit the burrs effecti-
vely when the signals change on the bus, and make the waveform clear to be analyzed.
Storage setting
For a complicated circuit, it is essential to set different triggers to analyze a time sequence, and
the same trigger setting usually must be used repeatedly.  If we reset the trigger condition,much
time and energy will lost.That’s not a problem for our MSO series,because we can save the trigger
settings, and the repeatable trigger is available for recall after saving.


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