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R410A Commercial Hard Ice Cream Machine Frozen Ice Cream Maker 22L/H 7.81Gal/H

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R410A Commercial Hard Ice Cream Machine Frozen Ice Cream Maker 22L/H 7.81Gal/H


The brand new hard ice cream machine maker with 22L/H making speed is a great assistant in your ice cream shop! This new type ice cream machine equipped with R410A has fine appearance. It is safe and reliable to operate. With stainless steel shell looking luxurious, this machine is easy to clean. This type of ice cream maker is equipped with high-quality compressor, reducer and high-speed mixing motor, microcomputer controller. The brand new LCD display system is with more technical feeling, providing visual display of the time used and clearer operation interface.

Hard ice cream machine
LCD display
Controlled by microcomputer
Safe and reliable
Practical and efficient
Stainless steel shell
High-quality compressor
Reduce power consumption
CE certificate
Easy to operate
Used for making hard ice cream
Wide applications

Model: Hard ice cream machine
Production capacity: 15-22 L/H
Voltage: 110 V, 60 Hz
Power: 1500 W
Current: 4.6 A
Refrigerant: R410A
Climate type: SN/N
Type of protection against electric shock: I type
Gross weight: 71 kg / 157 lb

The machine is mainly used for making hard ice cream, widely used in cold drinks chain stores, bars, restaurants and other entertainment.

1. Place the machine in a ventilated and dry location to ensure that the wind gates on each side of the machine are at a distance of 500mm above the wall cargo barrier.
2. Connect the power supply with reliable grounding as required on machine's rating label before using the machine.

How to use
1. Clean up. Before making ice cream, wash freezing cylinder with water.
2. Prepare hard ice cream material. According to your needs to take a variety of raw materials, pour into a clean container, stir well; then pour the appropriate boiling water, stir quickly so that the mixture completely dissolved into a thin paste, add appropriate amount of fragrant pigment and drinking water evenly stirred.
3. Keeping material in container 15 minutes, then you can pour ice cream into the machine. Set the machine working time in 20 to 30 minutes (do not set too long, so as not to make the ice cream is too hard to damage the ice cream machine), press Auto button, the machine will run in the set time and when set time ends machine will stop automatically.
4. After you have ice cream you want, please switch dispensing handle to the left and ice cream will be out.

Package Included:

1 x Hard Ice Cream Machine
1 x Set Of Spare parts kit
1 x Operation Manual

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