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REK RK2670AM Withstand Hi-Pot 5KV 100VA Voltage Tester

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REK RK2670AM Withstand Hi-Pot 5KV 100VA Voltage Tester


RK267 series voltage withstand test instruments are for general- purpose HV test operation. It can be widely used for voltage withstand test in electrician’s assistant instrument,rubber-wooden facility,voltage convertor,wires , power meter, motor, power supply plug, cables and all kinds of electronic and electric products. As the launch of the national security standard, Voltage  withstand  instrument  has  become  one  of  necessary  withstand  test instruments to the radio and electronic products manufacturer.


- Model:RK2670AM
- Test Voltage (AC):0~5KV +/-5%
- Leakage Current (AC):    0~2/20mA +/-5%
- Timing (s):0~99s; Manual control
- Pmax:100VA
- Converter Volome:Converter Volome
- Intput Voltage(Power):220V
- Weight:40lbs
- Environmental temperature 0~40℃
- Relative dumidity≤75%

Pre-used Caution

1. Use three-hole power supply plug and insure GND connection well.
2. GND port and power supply GND port should be connected well
3. Wear insulation glove, stand on   insulation mat
4. Anti-clockwisely  circumvolve  “V-ADJ”  rotary  switch  to  the maximum before turn on test instrument.
5. Before preset all functions, reset instrument
6. Don’t connect test port and test wire when doing test
7. Don’t connect HV output port with shield box or GND wire to avoid instrument damage.
8. Turn off power when accident take place
9. Examine and repair when Indicator or annunciator is out of function
10. Operate carefully to avoid hazard when take the remote test.
11.The instrument must be placed on the worktable of conductive materials
12.The operator can not wear clothes with metal decoration or wear metal accessories
13.When the tester is in the test conditions, the test line, the test probes, output end , and the test objects are all with high pressure, do not touch!

Package Included:
- 1×Withstand voltage test equipment
- 1×High voltage test bar
- 1×Remote control test bar
- 1×Ground wire
- 1×power cord

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