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Rigol DM3064 True 6 1/2 Digts Resolution Digital Multimeter

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The Rigol DM3064 is a high quality digital tabletop multimeter of the DM3060 series with a sampling rate of max. 50kSa/s and a memory depth of 2MSa.
- This Rigol multimeter have a very sophisticated and easy to use interface and provides plenty functions for all measurement tasks. The use of the menu navigation is very intuitional and the device will provide precise results in its many application areas. With the help of a computer you can perform long running monitoring tasks too.
- The LC-Display is with its 256x64 pixels easy to read and provides a very good overview over all features. The display has a resolution of 6½ digits (max. count 2.400.000).

Special Features:


High Memory Depth
With this desktop multimeter you can store up to 2 million readings.

Sampling Rate
In the Datalog-mode a maximum sampling rate of 50k Sa/s is possible.

Filesystem and USB Stick Support
With the build in USB Host-Port you can save test readings and settings on an USB-Stick. Settings can also be saved in 10 internal storage locations.

High Resolution
Depending on the model a maximum count of 480.000 (DM305X) or 2.400.000 (DM306X) is possible.

Online Help
Every function and every Button has a short description in the build in online help feature. Simply press and hold a button to see its description.

Sensor System
The DM3000 converts the sensor physical properties into electrical voltage,
resistance, current for measurement and shows measured and corresponding values.

Longtime Monitoring
With the use of a PC, the Ultralogger software and an active connectionto the Multimeter (i.e. with USB) you can perform long running monitoring tasks without problems...


Model Overview DM3064
RS 232 Yes
USB 2.0 Yes
16 Channel Multiplexer Module Yes

Function Rigol DM3064 Digital Multimeter
Auto Range Yes
Manual Range Yes
True RMS (TRMS) Yes
Diode test Yes
Transistor test  
Continuity test Yes(fast reaction time with 25 Sa/s!)
Battery test  
Low battery indication n/a (mains connection only)
Relatively measuring Yes
Data hold Yes
Auto power-off  
Overload protection Yes
Shockproof Protection  
Backlight Yes
Max. Reading 2.400.000 (6½ digits)
LCD 90mm x 25mm (256x64Pixel)
Sampling rate up to 50k reading/sec.
Memory Depth 2 million readings
Connections RS-232, USB Device, USB Host, Ext.Trig.,
VM Comp., LAN, GPIB, Multiplexer module
Power supply 230V/50Hz / 110V/60Hz mains connection
Safety standard CAT II/300V
Dimensions 290.5mm x 231.6mm x 107.0mm
(11.44" x 9.12" x 4.21")
Weight without accessories / packaging
Weight with accessories / packaging 4465g(9.844lbs)

Package:Delivery including 2 probes, multiplexer module, USB cable, pc software, power cable, 2 replacement fuses and manual.

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