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SUNKKO 719H 2 IN 1 Power Battery Spot Welder Welding Machine Digital Battery Tester

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SUNKKO 719H 2 IN 1 Power Battery Spot Welder Welding Machine Digital Battery Tester

- The machine is a combination of battery spot welding and Circuit board solder, that make your work more convenient.
- Fixed spot-welding head and mobile spot-welding pen are combined together in one machine, so that the welding will become flexible.
- Possess the function of 2,4,6,8 welding pulses selection, make the solder joint reliable.
- Possess welding current rapid regulator, selecting the current will become quick and efficient.
- The anti-static soldering station which controls the temperature accurately, it is suited for welding any intergrated circuit or wiring.
- The removable footswitches can satisfy the reqirement of welding position or sophisticated technology.
- The fixed spot-welding head has pressure regulating device which makes the solder connections more reliable.

- Lead sheets of rechargeable battery can be welding rapidly.
- The production, installation, welding of lithium battery or mobile power.
- The welding of lead sheets and wires from metal parts.

Soldering iron part:
- Temperatur: 150 Celsius degree ~ 450 Celsius degree
- Output voltage: 20VDC

Spot-welder part:
- Supply voltage: AC220V ± 20V
- Power: 1.9KW (Instantaneous)
- Current: 800A

- Time of double pulse: 1 ~ 10ms (adjustable)
- Time of four pulses: 2 ~ 20ms (adjustable)
- Time of eight pulses: 8 ~ 80ms (adjustable)
- Output voltage: 20VDC

Package included:
- 1x 719H Welding machine
- 1x 719 welding pen
- 2x Fuse 20A 
- 1x Foot switch
- 1x Bent-handle spanner
- 1x Instrument leads
- 2x Cables
- 50x 01*4*100mm nickel plate
- 1x battery holder
- 1x User guide

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