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SUNKKO 797A Mobile Phone Battery Micro Pulse Spot Welder Welding Equipment Machine

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SUNKKO 797A Mobile Phone Battery Micro Pulse Spot Welder Welding Equipment Machine

- Spot welding rapidly (0.5~5ms) due to micro-computer chip with fine control.
- Thinner nickel pieces (0.03 ~ 0.06 mm) can be welding by single pulse rapid welding model.
- Three wide rang pulse choices-single pulse, double pulses, sixteen pulses
- Thick work pieces are suited to be spot welding by adding rotator rapid current selection regulator.
- The hanging arm type (adjustable height) foot-operated spot welding control system is so light that will make you feel convenient.
- The work pieces which being manufactured will become convenience and the solder connections will become more firm by using professional pressure regulating device of welding needle.
- External spot welding discharge desktop switch is allowed, so that welding pin in place with independent control of spot welding discharge
- The America alumina alloy welding needle longevity is being used, so the spot welding spark will splash gently and the welding work will be more reliable
- It can be easily installed in any desktop without purchasing special work benc

- Model:  797A
- Power: 220V +/- 20V
- Charging Current:  0
- Weight: 6 KG
- Volume 7.46 KG
- Welding Thickness Range:     
- 0.03 - 0.5 mm
- Welding Principle:  Pulse
- Supply Voltage: Power: 1.5kw (Instantaneous)
- Time of Single Pulse: 0.5 ~ 5ms (Adjustable)
- Time of Double Pulses: 1 ~ 10ms (Adjustable)
- Time of 16 Pulses: 0 ~ 80ms (Adjustable)

- Lithium battery : The product welding and repair welding of rechargeable battety
- Mobile power:The production of Charge Pal
- The welding of metal workpiece

Package included:
- 1x SUNKKO 797A Welding Machine
- 2x Fuse 20A
- 1x Foot switch
- 1x Bent-handle spanner
- 1x Instrument leads
- 2x Cables
- 50x 01*4*100mm nickel plate
- 1x battery holder
- 1x User guide


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