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SUNKKO HB-71A Battery Spot Welding Pen for 719A 709A 18650 Battery Welding Machine

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SUNKKO HB-71A Battery Spot Welding Pen for 719A 709A 18650 Battery Welding Machine

- The lithium battery spot welding leads;
- Electronic circuit board traces spot welding;
- Spot welding metal parts;
- The electrical wire spot welding metal case;
- Electronic hobbyist electronic production welding.

- The independent sets, easy to transport and assembly use;
- All low-resistance oxygen-free copper material, the discharge spot welding stable;
- With the "7" series welder mating connector that enables welding function greatly increased;
- Removable style tip for easy replacement of joints of different sizes;
- Anti-slip sets of professional pen-shaped handle for easy gripping;
- Built-in pressure balance resilient means discharge spot welding fine;
-The United States aluminum alloy solder pins, long life.

- The overall length of welding pen and cable is 700mm
- The aggregate area of cable is 18mm 2
- The pin size:diameter 1.5mm
- Maximum Welding Current:500A

Connection and use:
1, the connection point before the first welding pen welding joint plane with fine sandpaper lightly polished to expose the metallic luster,
To prevent future surface oxidation, can be coated with lubricating oil in trace its joint plane.
2, the same way the discharge of copper head spot welder on the plane processing.
3, spot welding with a universal pen with inner M4 SHCS pen spot welding joints will be installed on welding, must be tightened M4 screws tight in order to maintain good electrical conductivity.
4, the welding power supply plug into the power outlet dedicated, rather than use the power carriage, otherwise Bad power supply will affect the welding effect.
5, since the pen-purpose spot welding cables up to 0.65 meters X2, it will reduce the power of the original pulse discharge of the welder
When the stream, such as non-means to the first wife welding, spot welding current series shall transfer approximately doubled.
6, the fixed tip of 1.5 Anodized aluminum solder pins, after the loss of light can be forced to pull out on the jig, Weld needle exchange, a new needle must be pressed to the bottom of the weld.
7, in order to ensure the quality of spot welding, welding should be kept clean oxides on the tip.

Package included:
- 1xSUNKKO HB-71A Welding Pen

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