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TDFJ-160 Stainless Steel Automatic Electric Tin Cans Capping Sealing Machine

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TDFJ-160 Stainless Steel Automatic Electric Tin Cans Capping Sealing Machine


This can capping machine is suitable for sealing juice, liquid alcohol, milky tea, skin care, mineral water, purified water, yoghourt, cleaning supplies, detergent, cosmetics, oils, sodas, fresh milk, sauce, hair care, inebriant, jelly, zip-top can, plastic cans, plastic bottle,pet pet cans, aluminium tin, paper can, PET plastic tin. It is good for industry like pharmaceuticals,
chemical industry, Smoke wine, gift producer, catering services.

- Voltage: 220V or 110V
- Motor power: 370W
- Size: 660x350x770 mm
- Suitable product diameter: Φ45-126mm
- Suitable cans height: 39-200mm
- Capping capacity: 25 times/min
- Product weight: 65kg

Operation steps

1.Check before working:
a.All accessories are good lubrication or not.
b.All firmware are steady or not, power cable is broken or not.
c.Whether there are noise by debugging machine.
2.Debugging machine: Power on and adjust the height you need by rotate the lifting screw. It should be rolled by first wheel and the second wheel before finish. Adjust the wheel’s station, so you can get the exact position when sealing.
a.Cover the lip of tin.
b.Put the tin on the lower die and righting it.
c.Make it sure the tin is at the correct position, after that, cover the lip, seal the tin by stepping on the pedal.
d.After all tins are sealed, power off the machine.

1.It should be 3 person to move the machine together if in need.
2.Do not pull or squeeze the power cable.
3.Do not wash the machine with water, just wipe it with wet cloth.
4.Do not beat the gland film.
5.Do not adjust the wheel during sealing.

1.Wipe the machine surface with wet cloth.
2.Do not put any material on the machine.
3.Check the firmware usually and add lubricating oil.
4.Wrot the wheel every day.

Package included:

- 1 x Can capping machine
- 1 x Manual

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