Tekway DST1102B 100Mhz Digital Oscilloscope 1GSa/s 7'LCD DSO

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Tekway DST1102B 100Mhz Digital Oscilloscope 1GSa/s 7'LCD DSO

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A kind of multifunctional and economical scope specially designed for a range of applications, such as power system design, electrical engineering across various industries. With improved specifications, the colored-display DST 1102B is portable, economical, highly reliable option to help you improve productivity and efficiency.
Bandwidth:    100 MHz
Real-time Sample Rate:      1GSa/s
Equivalent Sample Rate:     25GSa/s
Record Length(Sample Points) :  Single-channel: Maximum 1M; Dual-channel:Maximum 512K (4K,16K,40K optional)
SEC/DIV Range:          4nS/div-40S/div (in a 2, 4, 8 sequence)
Delay Time Accuracy:      500ps
u Vertical

A/D Converter:     8-bit resolution, each channel sampled simultaneously
VOLTS/DIV Range: 2mV/div~5V/div at input BNC
Position Range:    ±50V(5V/div),±40V(2V/div~500mV/div),2V(200mV/div~50mV/div)±400mV(20mV /div~2mV/div)
Bandwidth Limit:   20MHz
Rise Time at BNC:  ≤ 3.5ns
DC Gain Accuracy: ±4% for Sample or Average acquisition mode, 5mV/div to 2mV/div
                                        ±3% for Sample or Average acquisition mode, 5V/div to 10mV/div
u Trigger
"Trigger Sensitivity(Edge Trigger Type)" :DC:     CH1/CH2(Typical)   1div from DC to 10MHz;1.5div from 10MHz to Full
                                                 EXT(Typical)     200mV from DC to 40MHz
                                                 EXT/5(Typical)   1V from DC to 40MHz
                                                 AC:     Attenuates signals below 10Hz
                                                 HF Reject:      Attenuates signals above 80kHz
                                                 LF Reject:      Attenuates signals below 150kHz
                                                 Noise Reject:   Reduces trigger sensitivity
Trigger Level Range: CH1,CH2:  ±8 divisions from center of screen
                                             EXT:±1.2V      EXT/5: ±6V
"Trigger Level Accuracy,typical (Accuracy is for signals having rise and fall times ≥20ns)" :
                              CH1,CH2: ±(0.3div×V/div) (within ±4 divisions from center of screen)
                              EXT: ±(6% of setting + 40mV)
                              EXT/5: ±(6% of setting + 200mV)
Holdoff Range:   100ns-10s
u Trigger Type

Edge:           Trigger on the rising or falling edge
Pulse Width:   Trigger (when >,<,=,≠) on positive or negative pulses   Pulse Width Range: 20ns-10s
Video:          Trigger on an NTSC, PAL, or SECAM standard video signal   Line Range: 1-525 (NTSC), 1-625 (PAL/SECAM)
Slope:          Trigger (when >,<,=,≠) on a positive or negative slope ;Set Time: 20ns–10s
Overtime:       from the rising or falling edge;Set Time: 20-10s
Alternate:       Internal trigger on edge, pulse width, video or slope
u Measurement

Cursors:  Manual: The difference between voltage cursors △V; the difference between time cursors △T; 1/△T calculated by Hz.  
                  Tracing: The voltage and time at a waveform point
Automatic: Pk-Pk, Max, Min, Mean, Cyc RMS, Frequency, Period, Rise Time, Fall Time, Positive Width, Negative Width

Type::     Right angle 7"TFT 16-digit color LCD
Resolution:800*480 dots
Contrast:  16 gears, with the progress bar to show adjustment
Interface: USB host and USB slave

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