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Upgraded Sunbuck SV-1050B Bluetooth Car Audio Hifi Stereo Hybrid Amplifier AAC WAV APE MP3

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Upgraded Sunbuck SV-1050B Bluetooth Car Audio Hifi Stereo Hybrid Amplifier AAC WAV APE MP3

The chrome appearance with exposed tubes gives a look of uncluttered simplicity, which looks great in any office, study, or even in the midst of the swankiest cocktail party.
Versatile: Enjoy your music the way you want! Use the stereo RCA jacks to connect directly to a CD player or use the Bluetooth radio to connect wirelessly with your phone.
Because of its lossy nature, digital music can often lose some of the depth and warmth that give it life. Additionally, wireless streaming adds an additional layer of digital compression, which can further degrade the audio quality. The addition of the tube preamplifier stage adds back some of the warmth and richness, breathing new life into your digital music.


2.Name:Stereo Hybrid Tube Amplifier
3.Power Supply: 220V(±2V) 50Hz(NOTE: the product will burn if the voltage over 220V. Using transformer can be used normally if the voltage more than or less than 220V)
4.Output power:30W+30W
5.Consumption power:120W
6.Input impedance: 47kohm
7.Input sensitivity: 500mV
8.SNR: >80DB
9.Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20KHz
10.Overload source electromotive force: ≥ 2V
11.Treble: ± 10db
12.Bass: ± 10db
13.Total Harmonic Distortion: ≤0.5%
14.Variable stand power rating: 120W
15.Rated current: 3A
17.Tube: 6N2 * 2+ 6J15 *2

Bluetooth pairing:
1. When you enter the Bluetooth state, will make"DU DU" sound
2. Use your phone to search for this product for Bluetooth and then connect
Android phone does not need a password to match, other phones may need password “0000” or “1234”for connection, please confirm whether the phone supports Bluetooth stereo function
3. Bluetooth connection will be issued a "Du" tone, you can use the phone to play music
4. You can use this product or mobile phone control on a previous song / next song, play, pause, volume
5. While playing music, if there is a phone call, the music will be muted, directly into the phone answering mode.

Package Included:
- 1*Stereo Hybrid Tube Amplifier

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