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Various Mug Attachment 11oz Latte Heat Press Transfer Machine Stainless Steel

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Various Mug Attachment 11oz Latte Heat Press Transfer Machine Stainless Steel


-This product is a flexible electric heating film element with high temperature resistance, high thermal conductivity (thermal conductivity 0.9), good insulation properties, good strength silicone rubber, high temperature resistant fiber reinforced materials and metal heating film circuit.
-Excellent physical strength and soft performance; to apply external force electric film, you can make the heating elements and heated objects in good contact.
-Using a new shape of the processing process of a casting molding, a complete improvement of the shortcomings of air intolerance.
-Can be made into any shape, including the cone shape, rectangular. Can also be reserved for a variety of openings to facilitate the installation.
-Light weight, the thickness can be a wide range of regulation, heat capacity is small, can achieve very fast heating rate and high temperature control accuracy.
-Silicone rubber has good weatherability and anti-aging, as the surface of the electric film insulation material can effectively prevent the product surface cracking and enhance mechanical strength, greatly extending the service life of the product.
-The precision metal heating film circuit can further improve the surface power density of the silicone rubber heating element, improve the uniformity of the surface heating power, prolong the service life and have good handling performance.
-Has good resistance to chemical corrosion, can be used for wet, corrosive gases and other places of the environment is relatively bad.
-Our products belong to the use of Fahrenheit, and can not be used in degrees Celsius.


Product name: Coasters
Movement speed: 100 (/ min)
Printed area: 6oz / 11oz
Voltage: 220V / 110V
Power: 350W
Temperature range: 0-399 ℉
Time range: 0-999S
Shape: Cylindrical
Height: Approx. 11.5cm/4.52"

Package Included:

1x Cylindrical heat transfer baking coasters

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