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XC-0316 Electric Scraping Paint Machine Wire Stripping Stripper

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XC-0316  Electric Scraping Paint Machine Wire Stripping Stripper


The enameled wire into the turret center, press the start switch, then rotate the motor. The enameled slowlypulled out from the knife, peeling paint work is completed.
Enameled wire according to different thickness, adjust the speed of the blade, the finer diameter, the speedrequired is lower, thicker diameter, the faster the speed of adjustment.

A handheld electric enameled wire paint scraper machine, through a special tool (three claw-shaped blade)rotating scraping paint;
2, suitable for scraping diameter 0.3-2.5mm, scraping paint ideal diameter 0.5-1mm, length can scrape 5.0-50.0mm;
3, according to the wire diameter of different thickness, adjust the blade speed: Wire finer need to reducespeed, the thicker the wire, then the faster transfer speed until just scraped the paint prevail;
4, the production capacity of approximately 600 / hour or more, suitable for motor manufacturing and electronics manufacturers enameled wire paint scraper work


Machine for diameter: 0.30-2.50mm
Machine size: 255X55mm
Voltage: Voltage: 220/110V AC(if you don't note, we will send 220V by default)
Motor power: 25w
Speed: 0-10000r/min
Weight: 0.8kg
Peeling paint length 2-50mm

Package Included:

1 * XC-0316

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